Mary Kester Tapestries
School Residencies
I do artist residencies in schools and art centers to teach techniques and encourage play with fiber. Nets, baskets, braids, and felted quilts are easy access projects to the fiber medium. Contact me for more information.
Students and schools take pride in their finished products and display them prominently for students and visitors to admire.

Morgan Road Elementary School, Liverpool.

By being permanently installed in a school library, students get a constant reminder of the power of collaboration...

Franklin Magnet School, Syracuse City School District.

...and a sense of pride from their contribution to their school.

"Everybody's Net" at Long Branch Elementary School, Liverpool.

Projects can be scaled to all ability levels, as shown by this project from a K-2 elementary school.

Walberta Road Elementary School, Westhill School District.

[One hundred] students joined together to add color to this drab brick wall, which can be enjoyed for years.

Elmcrest Childrens' Center, Syracuse.

An artist-in-residency program gets everyone involved... even administrators!

Mary Kester working with three 5th grade students and Fred Fowler, [the principal] of Morgan Road Elementary school.

While a residency could help your school meets all four of the New York State Art Learning Standards (Standard 1, Creating Performing and Participating in the arts; Standard 2 Knowing and Using Arts Materials and Resources; Standard 3, Responding To and Analyzing Works of Art, and Standard 4, Understanding the Cultural Contributions of Arts) by giving students modern and historical contexts for the art of weaving...

it's also just plain fun.

A student at Cherry Road Elementary School in the Westhill District.

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