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Yellow Basket Cool to Warm Basket Half and Half Basket

Yellow Basket | Cool to Warm Basket | Half and Half Basket

Button Basket Round Basket

Button Basket | Round Basket

Gavrinis Keep


Complimentary Quarters

Santa Fe

Newgrange Frontstone


Menhir for Gavrinis


Composure, 51"x41"x3"
Sold to John Bishop, Ithaca, NY

Loughcrew Dolman

Loughcrew Dolman, 70"x70"x4"
Sold to Dennis Sick, Baldwinsville, NY

Broken Lintel

Broken Lintel, 54"x62"x6"
Sold to Michael and Karen McAnaney, Tully, NY


Poulnabrone, 54"x68"x3"
On extended loan to James and Pat MacKillop Syracuse, NY


Pesciano, 60"x48"x4"
Sold to Ray and Joanne Walton, Indianola, Iowa

Brittany Portal

Brittany Portal, 72"x69"x4"
Sold to a private collector.

Oslo-Viking Prow

Oslo-Viking Prow, 72"x48"x4"
Sold to Dr. Gary & Deanna Ludwin, Fort Collins, CO.


Cloaked, 70"x48"x4"
Sold to a private collector.

Francis House Commission

Unnamed, 52"x12"x4"
Commissioned by Francis House Hospice, Syracuse, NY.

Francis House Piece Onsite

The Francis House piece as installed onsite.


Flare, 71"x83"x4"
Privately commissioned through a California designer.

Flare as installed onsite.

Weave of Memories.
Commissioned by "The Village" Indianola, Iowa.

Weave of Memories, as installed at "The Village".

Colorado Bloom, 80"x92"x3"
Commissioned by Dr. & Mrs. Ludwin of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Detail of Colorado Bloom

Deanna's Pleats, 38"x35"x3"
Commissioned privately.

Deanna's Pleats as installed onsite.

Gavrinis Portal, 58"x58"x3"
Purchased by Turning Stone Casino, Oneida, NY.

Detail of Gavrinis Portal

Drawn and Quartered, 90"x70"x4"
Owned by M & T Bank, Syracuse, NY

Quarterly Retort, 72"x 72"x4"
Owned by Westinghouse Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA

Held in the collection of Mary Kester.

Cut Up, 60"x52"x3"
Sold to a private collector.

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